[Mailman-Users] Executive summary of DMARC issues

Peter Shute pshute at nuw.org.au
Thu May 15 00:28:57 CEST 2014

Gary Algier wrote:

> I created a test distribution list here.  I created local 
> contacts that forward to my personal gmail.com and icloud.com 
> addresses.  I added these and my work address to the list.  
> Email from gmail and icloud works fine, however the author 
> address ("From:") carries the original address. When I sent 
> an email from my yahoo.com account, it was not delivered to 
> gmail.  I never saw a bounce, though, so I don't know who, if 
> anyone, gets notified.
> I am hoping that I can make this issue plain at an executive 
> level so we can get them to stay with a Mailman solution as 
> we "go to the cloud".
> Of course if someone says that the current MS365 
> implementation has addressed this, then that's a different 
> (unfortunate) story.

When MS365 forwards the mails sent to the distribution list, should that make the DMARC authentication fail? I thought that only happened if you made changes like adding a prefix to the subject line like Mailman does.

Peter Shute

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