[Mailman-Users] reply_goes_to_list broken in 2.1.18-1?

Gibbs, David david at midrange.com
Thu May 15 17:58:00 CEST 2014

On 5/15/2014 10:11 AM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> On 05/15/2014 07:39 AM, Gibbs, David wrote:
>> The upgrade went fine ... but after running for a bit some of my
>> users told me that when they replied to a list message it was going
>> to the author of the message they are replying to instead of the
>> list.  The Reply-to header was *NOT* present in the messages being
>> sent from the list.
> Is this with or without DMARC Munge From or Wrap Message?

Although I was testing the DMARC Munge from functionality on a test list, the problem with the Reply-to header was occurring on all my lists.  None of the lists had the DMARC munge settings enabled.

> I've just tested most combinations, and they all include a Reply-To: 
> header with the list posting address. With Munge From and Wrap
> Message, the Reply-To: also has the original From: address in it, but
> it's always there.
> Also, are you looking at a raw message or what a mail client
> displays? I've seen issues with some versions of Apple Mail and
> perhaps other clients where for "some" messages, the Reply-To: is not
> displayed or honored even though it's there.

I was looking at the raw header from tbird.

> I know reply_goes_to_list is This List, but what are the exact
> settings for from_is_list, anonymous_list and first_strip_reply_to
> when you see this?

For the list where I first noticed the problem:
from_is_list = No
anonymous_list = No
first_strip_reply_to = yes

These are the settings this list has had for years.

Unfortunately I no longer have the messages when I noticed the problem ... I will have to try and recreate the problem in a sandbox.

You can see the headers from a test message I sent when tracking down the problem here: http://code.midrange.com/ab8c5f0363.html


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