[Mailman-Users] Who authored the message?

Natu incoming-pythonlists at rjl.com
Mon May 19 09:42:52 CEST 2014

On 05/13/2014 10:47 AM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> Today I experimented with first_strip_reply_to set to No.  
>> This means that a reply is addressed to both the list and to previous author. 
>> If nodups = Yes. 
>> Then the previous author will get only 1 copy of the message. But the copy they get is the direct mail (including senders email address), not the list mail. When that person replies to the message, it will only go to the most recent previous author, not to the list. 
>> Maybe this is acceptable(?), since most of the time people don't reply to their own list messages?  
> DMARC has forced mitigation responses. As far as I can tell, there are
> no ways to deal with this that don't involve impacts on message
> readability, replies or both other than not accepting messages From:
> domains with DMARC p=reject.

I have chosen, at least temporarily, to rewrite the from header as follows:

s/^(From:.*)([^ \t<>]+)@((yahoo|aol)\.com)/\1\2-AT-\3 at mydomain.com/

So, addresses get rewritten as:

From: yahoousername-AT-yahoo.com at mydomain.com

and I do this only for domains which use p=reject and I make sure that
there is always a reply-to header, since the From is no longer a valid
email address.

My sense is that someone could come up with arguments as to why this is
a bad idea, but so far I like what it looks like to the user better than
other options I have seen.

I have not yet installed the 2.1.18 release though I hope to do that soon.


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