[Mailman-Users] What's the best choice as a list-owner w/out server-lvl access ?

Cheryl D Johnson aoife at meherbabamariposa.org
Mon May 19 13:32:16 CEST 2014

Hi folks,

My webhost is running Mailman 2.1.15 at the moment and no indication 
if/when Mailman will be updated to 2.1.18-1. I'm managing several lists 
with Yahoo and AOL subscribers (and my boss) who are upset
that they've been moderated and don't care to hear about the reasons why.

What are the best (and quickest) choices for a list-admin with no 
server-level access to Mailman? To turn off the bounces and/or set the 
'reply-to' to something specific like the list address? Or something else?

Or do we have to wait until the webhost updates to 2.1.18-1?

Thanks for any assistance,

Cheryl D Johnson

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