[Mailman-Users] Problems with multi-machine slicing

Jeff Taylor shdwdrgn at sourpuss.net
Sun May 25 00:05:26 CEST 2014

After stopping mailman, machine #1 shows:
May 24 15:23:34 2014 (11512) Master qrunner detected subprocess exit
(pid: 11516, sig: None, sts: 15, class: IncomingRunner, slice: 1/3)

Machine #2:
May 24 15:21:56 2014 (12767) Master qrunner detected subprocess exit
(pid: 12769, sig: None, sts: 15, class: BounceRunner, slice: 2/3)

Machine #3:
May 24 15:22:16 2014 (31849) Master qrunner detected subprocess exit
(pid: 31858, sig: None, sts: 15, class: VirginRunner, slice: 3/3)

Now for even more strangeness...  After restarting mailman I sent 
another test message.  Just so you know, my test list has three email 
addresses in it, so I would expect the messages to get split up 
generally between the three machines (and please confirm my 
understanding... if the list has three users on it, each one of the 
three machines should forward one message to one user from the list?).  
However after restarting and sending 7 more tests, it seems to bounce 
between machine #1 and #2 sending the messages.  In each case, one 
machine sends the message to ALL users.  After waiting about 15 minutes 
I sent several more test messages.  Now it seems to be randomly picking 
one of the three machines to send from, but again the copy to all users 
is sent from that one machine.  I suppose that is better than it was -- 
at least now all three machines are being used.  Is this the way its 
supposed to be working?

Regarding the upgrade version, its been too long, I'm afraid I don't 
know what the old version was.  The old machines are running ubuntu 
oneiric and now have mailman 2.1.14.  The newer machines have debian 
wheezy and mailman 2.1.15.  The upgrades happened a few months back, but 
I only noticed the issue yesterday because I am trying to get rid of the 
ubuntu machines and replace them with the debian machines.  The messages 
have been getting delivered, but apparently one machine was handling 

On 05/24/2014 01:37 PM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> I'm stumped. It should work.  Look in Mailman's qrunner logs for these
> machines. When a runner exits (unfortunately not when it starts)
> mailmanctl reports several things including its slice info. Do you see
> any of these and do they look as expected, e.g., 0/3 on the first
> machine, 1/3 on the second and 2/3 on the third?.
> Also, from what to what did you upgrade?

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