[Mailman-Users] MM3/Delivery Problem

Guillaume Libersat glibersat at sigill.org
Sat Nov 1 13:49:53 CET 2014

Do you think it will be easy to migrate from an existing sqlite database
to a postgres one through SQLAlchemy? I tried to do it manually a few
days ago... and it took me such a longgggg time writing ah-hoc scripts
for almost nothing (the database is not really usable).
I'm really interested in testing the new backend if you need testers :)



Le 31/10/2014 19:55, Barry Warsaw a écrit :
> On Oct 31, 2014, at 07:47 PM, Guillaume Libersat wrote:
>> The problem is now fixed... I don't really know what happened but it
>> seems it was related to sqlite3 and database locking.
>> Thanks for helping, if I manage to find what really happened, I'll file
>> a bug report.
> Very soon (perhaps this weekend) I will land the port to SQLAlchemy as our ORM
> layer for MM3 in the trunk.  This is based on great work by Abhilash and
> Aurelien.  There have been some reports of SQLite locking problems in MM3 and
> it will be interesting to see whether the port from Storm to SA will fix that.
> Cheers,
> -Barry
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