[Mailman-Users] Archive merge and search

Hal my_list_address at yahoo.no
Tue Nov 4 10:38:46 CET 2014

I run a low volume mailing list which has previously been run by 
Majordomo list software, but was transferred flawlessly by my tech-guy 
to the Mailman platform.
I have a couple of questions related to the mail archives and searching 
within them. My tech can handle the actual installing etc. on the 
server, but with limited time I'm doing the research first, so I have a 
few questions:

1) I now have two separate list archives: the old Majordomo (monthly) 
archive and the new Mailman archive (not sure yet how it's 
organized/located but assume it's going by the default settings.
How do I merge the Majordomo archives with Mailman's current archives?

2) I also have a website associated with the mailing list which has a 
simple search function for the old Majordomo archives. It also has a 
basic filter for munging email addresses.
As I'm rebuilding the website I want a more efficient and up-to-date 
search function which searches simultaneously through the website and 
mailing list archive. I've been told that one which uses a database 
(PostgreSQL, SQLite etc.) is benefitial. Also, the archive-filter should 
be more advanced (I don't need the email headers/footers to show up in 
the search results), and finally it would be nice to have the relevant 
results show a whole list-thread on the searched subject to show up as 
opposed to just separate messages/and the website results, so people can 
follow a relevant discussion on whatever they've searched.
Can someone suggest a search script which will allow me to do this? It 
seems to be a real challenge to find something which is up-to-date, 
still supported and working well if you don't want to use Google's local 
search feature.

Thanks :-)


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