[Mailman-Users] Reply to list out of control...

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Nov 11 19:40:17 CET 2014

On 11/10/2014 07:15 AM, Dentar99 wrote:
> So, I had lots of problems with Yahoo users on my lists.  I did the research and
> the upgrade, and it fixed the hell outta that...

Did you upgrade to Mailman 2.1.18-1?

> BUT... Now my users (as well as myself) are getting an issue where hitting Reply
> (regular reply, not reply all) are getting the list AND the original sender.
> I've tried first_strip_reply_to and reply_goes_to_list, which I have no reason
> to believe should not work.  I do NOT have an explicit set.

Look at the messages received from the list. If this is Mailman 2.1.18-1
and dmarc_moderation_action and/or from_is_list is Munge From and
reply_goes_to_list is Poster, there should be a Reply-To: header with
the original poster's address. If this is the case, and a simple 'reply'
includes addresses such as the list posting address which aren't in the
Reply-To:, then the fault is with the MUA doing the replying.

Both RFCs 2822 and 5322 (sec 3.6.2) say:

   The originator fields also provide the information required when
   replying to a message.  When the "Reply-To:" field is present, it
   indicates the mailbox(es) to which the author of the message suggests
   that replies be sent.  In the absence of the "Reply-To:" field,
   replies SHOULD by default be sent to the mailbox(es) specified in the
   "From:" field unless otherwise specified by the person composing the

RFC 822 (still the actual standard) sec 4.4.4 says in part:

        For systems which automatically  generate  address  lists  for
        replies to messages, the following recommendations are made:
            o   If the "Reply-To" field exists, then the reply  should
                go to the addresses indicated in that field and not to
                the address(es) indicated in the "From" field.

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