[Mailman-Users] Corrupt Chinese Emails from Subscribe

Greg Sims greg at headingup.net
Wed Nov 12 05:06:22 CET 2014

Hi Mark,

We created a chinese-devotion mailman list.  The list was created with
English as the default language and "en" as the only supported language.
We then created three files in the "en/" directory associated with the
list: verify.txt, unsub.txt and subscribeack.txt.  These files contain a
mixture of Chinese and English characters including mailman substitution

When Mailman sends these emails to Windows 7/Chrome/Gmail, iPad & iPhone
everything works as expected.  When the emails are received on a Mac, the
emails are corrupted.

Here are the steps we took so far:

   1. We verified that the characters in the files are all valid UTF-8.
   They passed using four different validation techniques.
   2. I copied template/zh-CH/verify.txt into the "en/" directory of our
   list.  Please note this file is also a mixture of Chinese and English
   characters including mailman substitution variables. We ran the test again
   and got the same results.  Please find below a sample of the email received
   on the Mac usings Mailman's original verify.txt file.

Subject:confirm f75bab69c4dca204575d5ee50c54e770d573cf99Date:Tue, 11 Nov
2014 13:43:28 -0600From:chinese-devotion-request at RayStedman.orgReply-To:
chinese-devotion-request at RayStedman.orgTo:foo at baz.com

邮件列表 Chinese-Devotion 的确认通知

我们从  from xxx.yyy.191.121
接收到一个要把您的信箱地址,"foo at baz.com"
<foo at baz.com>åŠ å
chinese-devotion at RayStedman.org的请求

It seems that all the Chinese characters are corrupted. This test was
run by a friend that owns a Mac -- I changed the email and ip
addresses as a result.

Does Mailman do something different when it sends a "zh-CH" email than
an "en" email?  If so, I need to configure the list with zh-CH as the
default and only language.  I hope this will not change all the
screens to Chinese as I will not be able to maintain the list as the

I did see "Mailman as used by Mac users" in the archive where Macs
were having problems with digest emails being corrupted.  I'm not sure
how it applies in our case as we are dealing with the subscription
subsystem of Mailman.  The one similarity is digest was configured as
text in that case -- subscribe is also using text emails in our case.

I need to use someone elses computer to debug this issue as I do not
have a Mac.  What would you like us to do to help isolate the problem?

Thanks again, Greg

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