[Mailman-Users] resend list of held message via email

fourre-tout at woki.fr fourre-tout at woki.fr
Sat Nov 22 12:44:15 CET 2014


1) I don't see the command to write in header (subject e.g.) for request the list of helding messages of the list. List with Hex-string confirm for each message if possible.
(E.G. : listname-request at toto.fr?subject=listheld password)

2) How with command-line re-sent all held messages of a list with their Hex-string confirm. The same sent mail when message become held.

3) Which command to write in header for request to re-send a particular held message with his Hex-string confirm ?
(E.G. : listname-request at toto.fr?subject=held 5 password)

The goal is to down web page admindb.

Thank you very much.

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