[Mailman-Users] Regexp in accept_these_nonmembers

Olivier Nicole Olivier.Nicole at cs.ait.ac.th
Mon Nov 24 06:15:23 CET 2014


Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net> writes:

> On 11/20/2014 11:47 PM, Olivier Nicole wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have a problem with a regular expression in accept_these_nonmembers
>> filter:
>> I have the regexp:
>> ^root\@.*bknix\.co\.th$
>> That should read: accept any message sent by root at anything.bknix.co.th
>> But a message sent by root at web.bknix.co.th is not being accepted
>> automatically.
> Your regexp should work although it will actually also accept things
> like 'root at xbknix.co.th'. Also, '@' is not special and doesn't need to
> be escaped. I would use '^root@(.*\.)?bknix\.co\.th$'.

Thank you, I was not sure to what extend I could use the regexp syntax.

> However, none of this explains your issue.
> What is the reason why posts from root at web.bknix.co.th are held? Is it
> 'post by non-member to members only list' or some other reason? If some
> other, what is the reason.

Sorry, I overlooked the "Message has implicit destination" part. Now it
makes sense.

Best regards,


> If it is non-member post, the address matched against
> accept_these_nonmembers is one of two addresses. By default, it is the
> address in the From: header, but if USE_ENVELOPE_SENDER is set to Yes in
> mm_cfg.py, the address in the Sender: header is used if there is one.


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