[Mailman-Users] OS X Question --- yes I know <sigh>

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Nov 24 20:14:53 CET 2014

On 11/23/2014 03:54 PM, David Dodell wrote:
> I saw this support article at:
> Mac OS X Server v10.6: Configuring the Mail service so Mailman can support virtual domains - Apple Support <http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT3878>
> but this is for 10.6 ... looks like it "might" work for 10.7 ... 
> Paths look the same ... anyone have any ideas?
> If it does work, will mail from that mailing list show originated from the virtual, versus "real" domain?

See the FAQ at <http://wiki.list.org/x/OIDD>. You are using and Apple
package and referencing an Apple support article. Why are you here?

I suspect the answer lies somewhere on the continuum between "The GNU
Mailman project provides better support for Apple's Mailman package than
Apple does" and "Apple doesn't support Mailman". If that is the case,
perhaps you should consider a FLOSS OS as well.

My concern is I see nothing in the referenced document about putting
add_virtualhost() lines in mm_cfg.py. Thus, either that is a serious
omission in the article, or Apple is doing something in their package
that I know nothing about.

So I have questions starting with?

1) How do you create lists for Apple's Mailman?

2) Does this process allow you to specify the (virtual) host for the list?

If we look at step 9) in the Apple support doc, and use their example
with virtual email domains virtual1.dom and virtual2.dom, and assume for
discussion that the corresponding web domains are www.virtual1.dom and
www.virtual2.dom, you would also put

add_virtualhost('www.virtual1.dom', 'virtual1.dom')
add_virtualhost('www.virtual2.dom', 'virtual2.dom')

in mm_cfg.py.

Then, you could create a list in virtual1.dom with a command like

bin/newlist -urlhost=www.virtual1.dom list_name

and answer the prompts for list admin address and list password.

Or you could use Mailman's create CGI by going to a url like


Here, the list's domain is determined by the domain in the URL. Note
that web host names like www.virtual1.dom are for example only. They
could be anything and they can be the same as the email host names.

There are two caveats. web host names need to be unique, i.e., you can't
use the same (virtual) web host for two virtual email domains, and list
names have to be globally unique, i.e. you can't have the same (case
insensitive) list name in two different domains.

Given all the above, a list in a virtual domain will use the virtual
domain names for everything that Mailman does.

When you ask "will mail from that mailing list show originated from the
virtual, versus "real" domain?", the answer depends what you mean.

The envelope sender and any headers from Mailman will all use the
virtual domain, but some Received: headers will show the domain will
show the domain that Postfix uses to identify itself.

The above advice/answers depend on Apple's package doing things in a
fairly standard way. If that is not the case, then it all may be wrong.

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