[Mailman-Users] You gave the wrong password - how to solve this?

Ulf Dunkel dunkel at calamus.net
Wed Nov 26 14:50:34 CET 2014

>  > Why then does "subscribe" work fine with <myadminpassword>?
> Perhaps because subscription doesn't require a password at all?

Thank you, Stephen, for this hint. Makes sense. :-)

I have now adjusted my stuff that way, that my server sends me myself an
email with the desired link, e.g.


This works fine for me, but - I don't like to send passwords via email
to my normal user mail account.

When I try


instead (without the adminpw stuff), I get this funny error on the webpage:

----- snip -----
Error: The form lifetime has expired. (request forgery check)
----- snap -----

Is there any chance to proceed with URLs like the one above and using
the web interface with the need to enter the admin password in the browser?

Thank you in advance.

---Ulf Dunkel

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