[Mailman-Users] banning not consistent

paul at nangoku-jiyu-jin.net paul at nangoku-jiyu-jin.net
Wed Nov 26 13:38:26 CET 2014

I have a list on mailman. recently two messages from non members came.

BUT only one of those messages comes with the following option:

Ban urxwwksbh at yahoo.com from ever subscribing to this mailing list

The other message doesn’t come with that option.

Both messages come with

Action to take on all these held messages:
   Defer   	   Accept   	   Reject   	   Discard   

 Preserve messages for the site administrator
 Forward messages (individually) to:

 Add larry at coldriversoapworks.com to one of these sender filters:
   Accepts   	   Holds   	   Rejects   	   Discards   

Can anyone explain why i do not get the ban option with both.

Also, is there a way to ban people other than in Administrative tasks?

Thank you!

Paul Arenson

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