[Mailman-Users] Upgrading and using with multiple domains

Jon 1234 jon.1234 at hotmail.co.uk
Thu Nov 27 11:39:59 CET 2014

> Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2014 21:01:36 -0800
> From: mark at msapiro.net
>> I currently have Mailman 2.1.14 installed in the website directory of a.com
> What does this mean? Normally, Mailman is installed in it's own
> directory or directories which are not in the space served by default by
> the web server. Then Mailman's CGI wrappers are pointed to in the web
> server config (in Apache, via ScriptAlias), and Mailman's public
> archives are pointed to via an Alias or similar.
> What exactly is the situation in your case?

At the very beginning I wrongly installed the files in a.com/mailman 

So the aliases are:

ScriptAlias /mailman/ /path/a_com/mailman/cgi-bin/
Alias /pipermail/ /path/a_com/archives/public/

It works fine but I know this is not ideal. So I want to install Mailman where it should be: at /path instead of /path/a_com

>> I would like to:
>> 1. Upgrade it to 2.1.18-1.
> OK
> 2. Have it outside the website directory.
> Again, what does this mean?

See above.

> 3. Use it not only for a.com but also b.com (I will not need to have the
> same list names for both domains).
> Not a problem.


>> If I were to install from scratch outside the websites' directories, I imagine it would be simple enough to get it to work for b.com. 
>> But what would I need to do to get the a.com mailing list to start using the new Mailman installation?
> Change the ScriptAlias and Alias or whatever they are in the web server
> config to point to the correct place. Change the aliases or whatever is
> used by the MTA that delivers a.com's mail to Mailman to deliver by
> piping to the right wrapper.

Fortunately this is what I did. Last night I typed up the necessary changes (mostly removing a_com/ from everything). The hosting company need to make the changes so I don't know yet if it works.

>> (Would I just be able to move certain files across to reproduce the archive, etc?)
> Yes., but I don't see why it would be necessary to install the upgraded
> mailman in a different place. Just put an appropriate
> add_virtualhost('b.com', 'b.com')
> directive in mm_cfg.py and configure your web server and MTA for the
> additional virtual host.

Again, this is what I did for b.com:

add_virtualhost('www.b.com', 'b.com')

and I am waiting to see if it works once the hosting company implement the changes.

But seeing as I *do* now have two Mailman installations currently, I copied across the following directories from /path/a_com/mailman to /path/mailman


I've asked the hosting company to run bin/mailmanctl stop on the existing installation before making the changes.

I've added a .htaccess file to block web access for now in the a_com/mailman directory, just to cover the changeover.

Is there anything else I ought to do? 

Will having installed Mailman twice have caused any confusion/conflicts in how the two installations work? 

The only change I made to the standard installation was to make "mailman2" the site-wide list and add this to mm_cfg.py:

MAILMAN_SITE_LIST = 'mailman2'

To be honest, I'm not even sure that was necessary. Could I just have copied across the "mailman" files (as above) and not created the "mailman2" list? (Since, once the new installation works, I'll just delete the old one anyway.)

>> I am sorry for asking such a basic question, and would be happy to be directed to the right FAQs on the subject(s).
> You might start with the installation manual at
> .

Thank you very much. The installation manual is great. As a relative beginner, I find the mailing list to be an excellent resource too. I really appreciate all your work in explaining the software to everyone.


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