[Mailman-Users] Server config problems

Tracey McCartney tracey at fairhousing.com
Sun Oct 12 01:07:40 CEST 2014


I am a longtime Mailman list owner/moderator, and I just moved all my 
web sites and accompanying lists to InMotion, which makes Mailman 
available via cPanel on VPS and dedicated accounts.  InMotion supports 
Mailman pretty poorly, a fact I had forgotten, having left them back in 

Because of what I figure is a server misconfiguration or a cron problem, 
I don't receive moderator notifications from any of my lists.  I do not 
have the time or ability to track down the problem myself, and 
InMotion's people have no experience or training with Mailman.  (In 
fact, I remembered InMotion's poor Mailman support while searching the 
archives of this very list and running across a post I made in 2006 
about this very same problem.)

Is there anyone on this list who has the expertise and willingness to 
work with InMotion to troubleshoot and fix this problem for a reasonable 
fee to be negotiated?  It may even be fixable using the SSH access on my 

Profuse apologies if this is an inappropriate post.  I have also checked 
the consultants page on the Mailman web site and contacted one of those 
companies, but I don't know whether they mostly do hosting.  I really 
don't want to move my sites and lists again, having just gotten 
everything in one place.



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