[Mailman-Users] Server config problems

Tracey McCartney tracey at fairhousing.com
Mon Oct 13 02:31:52 CEST 2014

Hey, Mark, thanks for the response.  Here is what I pulled together after my
first post:

admin_immed_notify is Yes, so probably no cron problem, as you said.

Delivery to LISTNAME-owner does NOT appear to work.

Notifications that go to the admin, such as subscribes and unsubscribes,
work fine.
Notifications that go to users, such as notifications that their message is
held up in moderation, work fine.
General traffic works fine.

Notifications to the moderator that someone has asked to subscribe (our
lists are set up for approval only) do not work.
Notifications to the moderator that something is held up in moderation do
not work.

In most cases, the moderator and admin have had the same e-mail address, but
I have tried with two different ones, with the same results.  I have checked
spam boxes and have not found anything.

And yes,  I have since figured out how to use SSH on my server but don't
really know what to look for.  It seems odd that admin notifications would
work fine but not moderator ones.

The question for me always seems to boil down to whether my own sanity is
best preserved trying to fix this where it is or to do yet another host
move. :/  I don't know why this host won't get its #$^& together re.



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On 10/11/2014 04:07 PM, Tracey McCartney wrote:
> Because of what I figure is a server misconfiguration or a cron 
> problem, I don't receive moderator notifications from any of my lists.

The daily summary of moderator requests is sent by a cron, but if a list's
admin_immed_notify is Yes, those notices are sent without help from cron.

cPanel lists generally use Exim as the MTA and if any delivery tp Mailman
works at all, delivery to LISTNAME-owner generally works, so, assuming it's
not cron, try mailing LISTNAME-owner and see if that gets delivered to the
list's owner and moderator addresses.

> Is there anyone on this list who has the expertise and willingness to 
> work with InMotion to troubleshoot and fix this problem for a 
> reasonable fee to be negotiated?  It may even be fixable using the SSH 
> access on my account.

If this is a VPS and you have root access to it, you probably have the
access needed to fix it.

My own sanity preserving rules are "I don't work for money" and "I don't
touch your server", at least not in ways that are not available to the

However, I'm more than happy to work with you or InMotion through this list,
but not as a paid consultant. I can't speak for anyone else here.

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