[Mailman-Users] Squirrelmail and wrapped messages

Peter Shute pshute at nuw.org.au
Thu Oct 30 03:34:58 CET 2014

>  > I wonder if it's possible to to make wrapped messages a 
> user preference,  > or have them only turned on for certain 
> domains as discussed previously.
>  > Is this a patch that would be accepted in the future?
> As Mark mentioned, applying only to posts From domains that 
> use "p=reject" is possible in 2.1.18-1.
> Acceptance of a patch to make it a user preference might be 
> acceptable (that's entirely up to Mark), but it would have to 
> be carefully done to ensure that *some* mitigation (probably 
> From-munging) would be applied if the list owner specified 
> she wants mitigation.  That's because failure to apply to 
> mitigation to messages that would be DMARC rejected affects 
> third parties (to the extent that the bounces can't be 
> identified as DMARC rejects, they will be scored as bounces 
> from those subscribers, and innocent[1] subscribers could 
> have their subscriptions disabled).

I can't see how wrapping would work for us, there are just too many different mail clients involved, and I assume the same would apply to lots of lists. I'd prefer if the user experience was uniform. 

We mung just the affected emails. That means there are two styles of emails being sent out, but at least each type can be read the same way by everyone. If the affected memebers don't want to be munged, then they'll have to change mail providers.

I also can't see it working to let the sender choose how their emails will be treated. There are so many side effects of each different treatment, and the user is only able to test the results with their own mail client. They'll inevitably choose the one that works best for them, and wonder why other people are messing up the replies to their messages.

Peter Shute

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