[Mailman-Users] MM3/Delivery Problem

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Oct 30 20:13:06 CET 2014

On 10/30/2014 07:48 AM, Guillaume Libersat wrote:
> We're running a mailman 3.0.0b at ulists.org and so far it was working
> quite well. Since a few days, email delivery seems to be broken, but
> only for the posts, not bounces.
> When someone subscribes, he gets the welcome message.
> When someone posts, nothing is delivered. Same when posting from hyperkitty.

I'll note a few things below, but this list is mostly still oriented
towards Mailman 2.1. The MM 3 folks pay much more attention to the
mailman-developers at python.org list and the #mailman irc channel on

> Here's what happens when en email is sent to a list:
> On the MM3 side:
> Oct 30 15:34:36 2014 (1387)
> <20141030143436.1389.15086 at mailman.ulists.org> smtp to test at ulists.org
> for 1 recips, completed in 0.0919508934021 seconds
> Oct 30 15:34:36 2014 (1387)
> <20141030143436.1389.15086 at mailman.ulists.org> post to test at ulists.org
> from test-request at ulists.org, 1177 bytes

This says the post was sent to 1 recipient. If there's nothing in
Mailman's smtp-failure log, it was accepted by the outgong MTA.

> and on the smtp side:
> Oct 30 15:34:36 mailman postfix/qmgr[7675]: CEF7719628BC:
> from=<glibersat at unisson.co>, size=718, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
> Oct 30 15:34:36 mailman postfix/lmtp[2526]: CEF7719628BC:
> to=<test at ulists.org>, relay=[]:8024, delay=0.14,
> delays=0.0
> 6/0.04/0/0.04, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 Ok)
> Oct 30 15:34:36 mailman postfix/qmgr[7675]: CEF7719628BC: removed

This is the incoming post being delivered to Mailman. We already know
that succeeded.

> Any idea of what I should check?

What is in the outgoing MTA logs for the post from
test-bounces at ulists.org to the list member?

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