[Mailman-Users] mailman sending to existing subscribers but new subscribe doesn't work

David Whited-Ford david.whited-ford at organicvalley.coop
Wed Sep 3 13:11:53 CEST 2014


Thanks for the post.

Indeed, the pending moderation is on the old server so that question is answered.
Is that just a case of DNS not updating for some users? We do have that site running as a subdomain old.thatsite.coop.

But what about the subscription problem?
Is that DNS related as well?



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On 09/02/2014 01:28 PM, David Whited-Ford wrote:
> We recently moved our list to a new server. Same domain name.
> Emails to the list work fine for existing subscribers but we can't add new subscribers.
> The mass subscription seems to work and the new users appear in the list but don't receive email, even though they receive the welcome email.

There appear to be DNS issues. I.e Mail to the list is going to the old server, not the new.

> Possibly related, nothing appears on the moderation page for admins even though they receive a notice of pending items to moderate.

The notice probably comes from the old server and the web URL goes to the new server.

See the FAQ at <http://wiki.list.org/x/EoCE>.

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