[Mailman-Users] bounce processing

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Sep 3 20:21:36 CEST 2014

On 09/03/2014 07:16 AM, Andrew Watson wrote:
> On Aug 29 2014 I disabled bounce processing for my list.
> On Sep 2 2014 I re-enabled the subscription of a subscriber who had been disabled.
> On Sep 3 2014 the subscriber received the message below: (list name deleted)
> Why is this happening after I disabled bounce processing?
> Why is the subscriber being disabled two weeks after the bounce?
>> On Wednesday, September 3, 2014 4:05 AM, "" <> wrote:
>> Your membership in the mailing list hs has been disabled due to
>> excessive bounces The last bounce received from you was dated
>> 20-Aug-2014.  You will not get any more messages from this list until
>> you re-enable your membership.  You will receive 1 more reminders like
>> this before your membership in the list is deleted.

Everything is as expected with one exception.

On Aug 20, a bounce was processed for the user which caused his delivery
to be disabled by bounce and the first notice similar to the above to be

On Aug 27 (assuming default settings) cron/disabled sent the second
notice similar to the above.

On Sept 3, cron/disabled sent the above notice. The mystery is this
should only have happened if the member had bounce info at that time,
but you say you enabled delivery on Sept 2. cron/disabled doesn't look
at whether the list's bounce processing is enabled or not (your first
question). It only looks at member's bounce information which should
have been deleted when delivery was enabled.

As to your second question, the member wasn't disabled 2 weeks after the
bounce. She was disabled on Aug 20 and was just sent another notice on
Sept 3. See the Bounce processing settings
bounce_you_are_disabled_warnings and

There appears to be an issue here in that cron/disabled doesn't look at
the member's delivery status. It uses the MemberAdaptor
getBouncingMembers() method to get a list of bouncing members and that
method returns all members with bounce info. The issue is when you
re-enabled delivery for this member, bounce info should have been
removed and it wasn't.

How exactly did you enable the member's delivery on Sept 2? What is your
Mailman version? Do you have a non-standard MemberAdaptor?

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