[Mailman-Users] Configuration question..

Steve stevecon at gmail.com
Wed Sep 3 23:55:21 CEST 2014

Hi -

I have recently taken over a webpage that was moved to Wix (which does not
offer email accounts) while opting to keep email at the original host -
Hostgator.  The domain is blpoa.com and is working properly for web and
email. The email is on "gator3227.hostgator.com"

Mailing lists are another story however.  When I provide
http://gator3227.hostgator.com/mailman/listinfo/members_blpoa.com page to
people to subscribe, Mailman returns
http://blpoa.com/mailman/confirm/members_blpoa.com (and a confirmation
"key").  The problem is that when this link is clicked - it sends the user
to Wix - and simply displays the webpage.  The sign up process can not be
completed. I have searched all over but can not seem to find an answer.
Changing *host_name *to gator3227.hostgator.com made no difference. We're
using Mailman 2.1.17.  Thanks in advance - Steve

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