[Mailman-Users] Message of large size, only the "owner" of the list may authorize

Fabio Eckhardt fabioeckhardt at universo.univates.br
Thu Sep 4 21:24:32 CEST 2014


I've been checking the forum on how to automatically reject messages  size
at this link:


The function:

      * if bodylen/1024.0 > mlist.max_message_size:
            raise Errors.RejectMessage, Utils.wrap(

Only this class (function) only works for registered mail list, you would
have to do to members not registered on the list?

And finally could be administrator or refer to the list owner's email
rejected ?

some could help me?


2014-09-02 12:30 GMT-03:00 Stephen J. Turnbull <stephen at xemacs.org>:

> Fabio Eckhardt writes:
>  > ​Is there any easy way to get Mailman messages of large size, only the
>  > "owner" of the list may authorize? And only the smallest message
>  > "moderator" can approve them?
>  >
>  >   I'm really getting tired of dealing with those very large messages
> that
>  > are released by the moderator.​
> If you know what the MIME type(s) or filename extension(s) of the
> offending attachments are, you can have Mailman remove them in the
> Content Filtering screen.
> If you really want some but not all large messages to pass, I think
> you should get a better moderator, the list owner if necessary.
> Consider: the list owner is going to have to check regularly anyway.
> Unless your list gets an awful lot of spam, checking once a day only
> takes a few minutes, less than "dealing with those very large
> messages" that the moderator should never have released.
> Steve



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