[Mailman-Users] Upgrade instructions

G. Armour Van Horn vanhorn at whidbey.com
Sat Sep 6 08:49:41 CEST 2014

I have a couple of Mailman lists on a server happily running 2.1.9 but I 
am also a moderator on a very active list that's running on 2.1.12. I do 
not host this list, just volunteer because I have some experience with 

That list has started to get some significant bounces due to the DMARC 
issue that isn't addressed in this older version. The host intends to 
upgrade so that we can address that but they report that they haven't 
been able to make archives searchable in their experimentation with 
2.1.16. I don't know if that search function is part of the more recent 
versions of Pipermail or if they've installed something else.

I'm nervous about attempting to upgrade, given the paucity of 
documentation for that, particularly the fact that it tells me to use 
the same configuration options I used for the current install and I 
haven't a clue what those might have been. If I could find some more 
robust upgrade docs I'd like to try the upgrade in case I could 
contribute anything to the problem with the large list.

Today I had to clear the bounce flags on 47 members. Not all that hard, 
but tedious.


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