[Mailman-Users] admins

A.K. Eyma ayma at tip.nl
Tue Sep 9 15:47:23 CEST 2014


I'm new here, so not sure if this is appropriate:

In regards to FAQ 3.27:

Am I the only one who would find it extremely helpful if duties
could be better split? Certainly for large lists. That is:

Owners = who can determine the list's configuration
Admins = who handle subscriptions and bounces
Moderators = who handle list messages

If needed admin/mod could be combined as one.

Or alternatively, that you can specify an email address
for each Notification?

The current problem is that in academic lists, the
owner/sponsor of a forum often needs to be an University
staff member, who however would delegate daily running to
students etc (mods). But with Mailman, on a bad day, the poor
Prof would get 70 messages per day (bounces, subscription,
approvals, etc). It's not workable IMHO (I'm a mod BTW).

AFAICT in the present system, reducing mail to an owner can
only be done by setting admin_immed_notify, 
bounce_notify_owner_on_disable, and
(and a few more)
to NO, which is clearly not an ideal solution...well, no solution
at all, really.

Any thoughts?
Any chance of this duties seperation [i.e. owners are nót
automatically mods], being implemented in future versions?

Best regards,

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