[Mailman-Users] Disable auto-responder for some From adresses

Tom Lieuallen toml at engr.orst.edu
Thu Apr 9 22:04:26 CEST 2015

Can I ask a follow-up question.  Excuse me if this was on the list 
before; I don't recall seeing it in my glance at the digests...

Are you by chance getting spammed by subscription requests from a few 
select IP's?  Maybe trying to subscribe the same email-to-text address 
in each flood of attempts?  This is happening to us over the last couple 
days.  I'm not sure if they're trying to spam the poor person with that 
phone/text number or if they're trying to hack into our mailman or 
collect addresses.  It's quite annoying, though.

Perhaps the answer is captcha, however I see that as being frowned upon 
in the list archives.

So, is anyone else getting hit by a bunch of requests lately?  And I'll 
look forward to any solutions to Larry's request.  :-)

thank you

Tom Lieuallen
Oregon State University

 > Is there a way to do any of the following from the command line,
 > perhaps with a script?
 > -          Find which lists have pending subscription requests
 > (preferably showing the pending subscriber's email address)
 > -          Delete the pending subscription requests (preferably a
 > specified address)
 > Thanks,
 > (Running v2.1.12-18.el6 on RHEL6)
 > Larry M. Rosenbaum
 > Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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