[Mailman-Users] I'd prefer clients had collapsing features, not top-post; do away with mailing list digests

Mike Starr mike at writestarr.com
Thu Apr 9 22:45:31 CEST 2015

And we can all say that our preferred method is the Platonic ideal of 
email replies but out there in the world, most users go with the default 
reply location set up in their email client (some of which default to 
top posting and some of which default to bottom posting) and if there's 
trimming being done, it's usually done by the email client (web or 
desktop), not the user. At least with top posting, I don't have to 
scroll through an entire digest to see the actual content of the reply. 
I got one like that today (a reply to a 15-message digest) and since I 
was already paying attention to the conversation there was no need for 
me to scroll whatsoever.

I'm promoting top-posting with trimming; you're promoting bottom posting 
with trimming. You say to-may-to, I say to-mah-to. Neither one of us is 
right, neither one of us is wrong. We each have our preferences and if 
we each adhere to the approach we prefer, everything's fine. What we 
can't do is flog the uninformed users into obedience (oh how I wish we 
could). And tanstaafl, here's your free lunch... I put in an unnecessary 
CR/LF between paragraphs so you won't have an issue with reading my 
response <grin>.

Best Regards,

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On 4/9/2015 3:13 PM, Tanstaafl wrote:
> Correct - this is what I meant when I said the vast majority of people 
> who prefer bottom posting - and refer to it by that name - do NOT mean 
> 'blindly quoting an entire message, signatures, footers and all, and 
> adding their reply beneath it all'. To promote such as a reasonable 
> way to interact on mailing lists would be the height of absurdity.

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