[Mailman-Users] Cron command?

Lindsay Haisley fmouse at fmp.com
Tue Apr 21 18:32:48 CEST 2015

On Tue, 2015-04-21 at 18:46 +0300, Danil Smirnov wrote:
> # This file is copied to /etc/cron.d/mailman from
> # /usr/lib/mailman/cron/crontab.in when the mailman service is started via its
> # init.d script and the file /etc/cron.d/mailman is removed when the
> # service is stopped.  Therefore any edits made directly to
> # /etc/cron.d/mailman will be lost anytime the mailman service
> # restarts.

I think this needs to be revisited.  I don't believe Mailman does this
anymore.  Mark, does a bug need to be filed on this?

The documentation in the docs directory in the Mailman source which I
think is definitive, says to use the command, as root (or sudo root)
similar to the following, assuming mailman has an entry in /etc/passwd:

    crontab -u mailman ~mailman/cron/crontab.in

This will place the Mailman crontab in the crontab spool directory.

According to the cron(8) man page /etc/cron.d/ is a Debian-ism and may
or may not be supported on other Linux variants such as RH or on other
similar platforms such as BSD.

I mis-spoke about having to use an editor.  The crontab command accepts
a filename as an argument in lieu of the -e option and will install the
named file.  Sorry!

The bottom line is that it's best, as always, to install a component
such as a crontab using the supplied tools rather trying to second-guess
the tool set and copying files directly.
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