[Mailman-Users] packages vs sources

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Apr 21 23:43:38 CEST 2015

On 04/21/2015 02:17 PM, Danil Smirnov wrote:
> You described cron entries copying procedure as 'artifacts'

Yes, I described the specific content of your init.d/mailman script as
an artifact[1] if your package.

>> Do we have a communication disconnect of some kind here?
> Perhaps. :)

I use the word 'artifact in the sense of definition 6 at
<http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/artifact>, i.e. "any feature
that is not naturally present but is a product of an extrinsic agent,
method, or the like:". In this case, some content that would not be
there if you had never installed the package, but had installed from
source following the procedures in our manual at
<http://www.list.org/mailman-install/index.html>. Thus, that content is
an artifact of your package install.

Clearly this word means something pejorative to you, but I had no such

Whether it is preferable to install Mailman's crontab as a user or
system crontab is a matter of taste. Whether it is appropriate to
disable Mailman's cron jobs when mailman is not running is arguable. If
it works for you, fine, but it seems to me that you would only want to
do this on a production server if you decided to shut Mailman down
entirely and permanently. If mailman was only going to be stopped for a
short period for some reason, would you really want to not run the
checkdbs, disabled, senddigests or mailpasswds cron jobs just because
their time was in that window. Maybe that would be the case for you, but
it is not a decision the I would feel comfortable making for all
installations that use Mailman.

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