[Mailman-Users] Icons, email and list creation oh my!

Dr. Mikeal Hughes macmikeal at me.com
Thu Apr 23 14:52:19 CEST 2015

Well I spent 9 hours yesterday getting all the permissions and ownerships changed in my directories yesterday to get mailman at least showing up on the web. Now I have these issues and I am sure with the “brain trust” here can get them worked out. 
1. The icons are not showing up on the bottom of the Web pages. I went to an old help screen in the mailman home page to find it out dated. I typed in the directory /usr/local/apache/icons to the merriment of no such file or directory. Ok that must have been for apache 1 or something. So I need to find out where the icons are located now and where I need to put them for mailman to pick them up.
2. Issue two - The email address that appears on the Welcome page for people to send mail to is wrong. It should be mail at biblematters.net <mailto:mail at biblematters.net> instead it is mail at www.biblematters.net <mailto:mail at www.biblematters.net> where do I go to get rid of the www out of the address?
3. And finally, drum roll please, I can’t create a new list through the Web portal. I get an error that I am not authorized to do so. I say why not I am the one who put the bloody server together and you mean I can create a list on the thing. If I can’t then who can. Or maybe it don’t want a list but I do.

Seriously though any help you can give me will surely be appreciated. If you aren’t married I will be happy to dance at your wedding for the help.

Mikeal Hughes, N9GI
GROL, Comptia A+, Comptia Network+, MOS
Mikeal Hughes & Associates
EngineerHughes at comcast.net
Cell: 815-546-1867

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