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Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Wed Apr 29 00:00:05 CEST 2015

Twenty years ago, I attended the first Python Workshop at NIST with about 20
other old school Pythonistas.  Earlier this month I attended PyCon 2015 in
Montreal.  PyCon is always exhilarating, but this one was incredibly special
for me personally, because my son was on spring break and joined me for the
first half of the conference.

Both the Python language and its community have grown a little bit <wink> in
the intervening years, but what hasn't changed is our love of the language,
and the truly amazing people we share that love with.  The Python community
really is one of the very best open source communities on the planet.

The best community inside that great Python family has to be the GNU Mailman
team.  They're all smart and cool, fun to hang out with, and fun to hack with.
With diverse backgrounds, each and every one are good friends and valued
technical peers.  As has been the case for the last few years, we've sprinted
on Mailman 3, getting lots of great work done, but never quite getting
something we were satisfied enough with to release.  The first alpha of
Mailman 3 was released a little over 7 years ago.

And so I'm here --and on behalf of Abhilash, Aurélien, Florian, John, Mark,
Stephen, Sumana, Terri, our GSoC students, and all the great people who have
contributed over the years-- to proudly announce the official release of GNU
Mailman 3.0, code named "Show Don't Tell".

Mailman 3 is really a suite of 5 tools:

 * The core, which provides the mail delivery engine, the unified user model,
   moderation and modification of email messages, and interfaces to external

 * Postorius, our new Django-based web user interface for users and list

 * HyperKitty, our new Django-based web archiver, providing rich access to the
   historical record of mailing list traffic;

 * mailman.client, the official Python bindings to the core's REST API;

 * mailman-bundler, a set of scripts to make it easy to deploy the full
   suite inside Python virtual environments.

What's new about Mailman 3?  Well, lots!  Some highlights include:

 * Backed by a relational database;

 * True support for multiple domains, with no cross-domain mailing list naming

 * One user account to manage all your subscriptions on a site;

 * The core's functionality exposed through an administrative REST+JSON API;

 * All passwords hashed by default, and no monthly password reminders!

 * Users can post to lists via the web interface;

 * Built-in archive searching!

and more.  Tons more.

There will be things you love about Mailman 3, and things you don't like.
You'll glimpse great possibilities and glaring holes.  You'll be excited and
frustrated.  Such is life with an all-volunteer free software project.

For the things you like, and the exciting possibilities, we encourage you to
experiment, to do wacky things we haven't thought of, integrate it with your
own tools, or just carefully go about deploying a Mailman 3 system.  Tell us
how you're using it!

For the things you don't like, we invite you to join us.  Come to the mailing
list <mailman-developers at python.org> and talk with us.  Submit bug reports and
pull requests.  Help us close the gaps and make Mailman 3 better.

Whether your interests are for Internet RFCs, web site development,
operations, or you just want to find a fun Python project to hack on with cool
people, as they say, contributions are welcome.

See the release notes, as well as links to download each component:


You probably want to start with the bundler and let it grab and install all
the other parts.

More information is available at:

    #mailman on freenode
    mailman-developers at python.org

Happy Mailman Day,
-Barry & the Mailman Cabal
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