[Mailman-Users] mailpasswd failure

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Aug 8 06:28:05 CEST 2015

On 08/01/2015 06:48 AM, Steve Matzura wrote:
> With some excellent help, all my Mailman problems up to today have
> been solved. and my mailing lists have been behaving normally. Since
> it's a new month, mailpasswd ran earlier this morning. The email of
> the cron job reported a permissions error on one of the config.pck
> files for one of the lists. Investigation proved the offender was
> owned by root, not mailman. Interesting that check_perms didn't think
> this was a problem.

Because it shouldn't be. The file should be in Mailman's group and group
writable and the cron should run as the Mailman user:group.

> I found several others that were like this and,
> figuring the one reported in the cron email was only the tip of the
> iceberg, I changed the others as well and forced the cron job to run
> again. As a result, I got the following:
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "/usr/local/mailman/cron/mailpasswds", line 243, in <module>
>     main()
>   File "/usr/local/mailman/cron/mailpasswds", line 237, in main
>     'verp'    : mm_cfg.VERP_PASSWORD_REMINDERS,
>   File "/usr/local/mailman/Mailman/Message.py", line 313, in send
>     self._enqueue(mlist, **_kws)
>   File "/usr/local/mailman/Mailman/Message.py", line 325, in _enqueue
>     **_kws)
>   File "/usr/local/mailman/Mailman/Queue/Switchboard.py", line 136, in
> enqueue
>     fp = open(tmpfile, 'w')
> IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied:
> '/usr/local/mailman/qfiles/virgin/1438435501.992054+ccd0ca1df3e432f3edbc589c470ce7b47276cc9d.pck.tmp'

So whatever user:group you ran the cron as this time doesn't have write
permission on /usr/local/mailman/qfiles/virgin/ .

> As you can tell, this is a hand-built installation of Mailman, which
> may or may not have something to do with this. check_perms reports no
> problems found. The directory /usr/local/mailman/qfiles/virgin, which
> is currently empty, is owned by root and is a member of the mailman
> group. Its protection mask is 770. Looking through the mm
> documentation isn't doing it for me at this point. Everything on the
> new system looks like it matches everything on the old system with
> regard to protection masks and ownerships. What else should I be
> checking?

How did you run the cron? Was it running as the mailman user?

Are there security policy issues, e.g. SELinux or apparmor?

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