[Mailman-Users] Permissions error on all Mailman overnights

Steve Matzura sm at noisynotes.com
Sun Aug 9 21:28:27 CEST 2015

On Sun, 09 Aug 2015 08:44:56 -0700, Mark wrote:

>On 08/09/2015 08:25 AM, Steve Matzura wrote:
>> No errors on the overnights, Things appear to be working correctly.
>> I'm trying to run the password reminder job now, /var/log/messages
>> shows it started twenty-three minutes ago, I haven't received any mail
>> messages for password reminders on any of the lists on this system, so
>> for all I know it may still be running and I'll just have to wait. If
>> and when it finishes, I'll report.
>It shouldn't take that long. What is the exact command you issued (or
>did you run it by modifying Mailman's crontab)? What if anything does
>ps -fwwC python | grep mailpasswds

I changed the crontab to a few minutes later than current time on
today's day of the month, and I did try the process show command and
it showed nothing running.

The command in the crontab is:

/usr/bin/python -S /usr/local/mailman/cron/mailpasswds


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