[Mailman-Users] Why do my posts to own mailman list disappear.

Paul Arenson/tokyoprogressive paul at tokyoprogressive.org
Mon Aug 24 02:25:12 CEST 2015

Thanks for your message, Steven.

> On 2015/08/24, at 1:44, Stephen J. Turnbull <stephen at xemacs.org> wrote:
> Paul Arenson/tokyoprogressive writes:
>> Actually I am not sure what PTR is…..but my reseller hosting is
>> just that, I pay for space from EZPZ and then can do as described
>> above.
> Ah, sorry.  PTR is the pointer record from a numeric IP address to a
> human-readable domain name.
>> I see. Not sure exactly what that means….but thanks...
> If you don't know, and don't care, no problem.  If you want the long
> story, just ask. :-)


>>> That said there are a few long shots you could try to diagnose it
>>> yourself.  One is a manual transaction with the mailserver and see if
>>> it's being rejected at the SMTP level.
>> What would I need to do?
> Give me an existing address, which you already did.  :-)  I just sent
> you a test message from steve at turnbull.sk.tsukuba.ac.jp, and it was
> accepted "OK" by nangoku-jiyu-jin-net (which again identified itself
> as dionysus).  So it's not a problem at the incoming SMTP level, mail
> is going in to the host.

Right. I received it. I responded once from the same account. And once from the Tokyoprogressive account.  I believe ONLY the one I sent from Tokyoprogressive went through, pointing to a SENDING problem from nangoku-jiyu-jin and maybe also turnlefthosting.org.  Tokyoprogressive would be unaffected because it is a totally different provider.
>> Nothing changed at all in my list.
> No changes to the host configuration (general spam filters, etc) that
> you know of, either, right?
>> It was working with no problems for 2 years.  Recently I have been
>> getting a lot of spam, so when a sufficient number had built up I
>> went in and got rid of it using BAN so-and-so, DISCARD, so and so…
> You mean in the Mailman moderation interface for the list, right?
> Theoretically you could have sent mail, it got spamtrapped but you
> didn't notice the your post never appeared on the list, you banned the
> author and didn't notice it was you, etc, etc.  Doesn't seem likely.
> It would be much more likely if you entered patterns by hand in the
> Privacy -> {Sender,Recipient,Spam} Filter screens.  (I don't know if
> cPanel has those, that's what they are called in unmodified Mailman.)
> But I guess you didn't do that?

No, and everything I do though in mailman is in the mailman program.  Almost never touch cpanel.  
>> Yes, both paul at nangoku-jiyu-jin.net
>> <mailto:paul at nangoku-jiyu-jin.net> and paul at turnlefthosting.org
>> <mailto:paul at turnlefthosting.org> work when sent mail from another
>> address.
>> BUT it is going on 5 minutes that I sent mail FROM each of those
>> addresses to themselves and they did NOT arrive.
> How do you do that?  By setting the From and To addresses in your
> local mail client, and sending via smtp.comcast.net?  Or do you have
> webmail running on nangoku-jiyu-jin.net, or ... ?

On my Mac in my mail client. There is a web interface in cpanel, but I have rarely used it.
>> They show up in their respective SENT folders and I get no error
>> message.
> Do you have a copy of an old message sent through your list, with all
> headers intact (I want to look at the Received headers)?  I don't need
> the content, just the headers, but if the content is innocuous, just
> forward the whole message to me.

Yes. When I get home I can send you the July message, which went through.  In mailman's archives it shows up with the html unreadable, but in  a mail client it works.
>> This sounds like NOT a MAILMAN problem…
> I agree.
>> http://nangoku-jiyu-jin.net/mailman/listinfo/tokyoprogressive_nangoku-jiyu-jin.net
> Everything looks good there.  Not that there's all that much, but it
> looks like the admin addresses etc in the mailto links are right and
> the archive link works, and the admin link works (although as expected
> it's not very helpful since I can't log in).

I could enable that if need be.
>>> Are your lists archived?
> Thanks, I found them.  Unfortunately, they don't have the trace
> headers (Received) in them (and they wouldn't have the outgoing hops
> anyway).  So they weren't much help.
>> You are in Japan by any chance? You know the term “kechi”.  There
>> is an historian on Japanese history with your name, but wait, there
>> is an academic at Tsukuba with the same name.  (I was there for two
>> years starting in 2009 or 10).
> I'm the latter, in the Policy and Planning Sciences department.

Dozo,yoroshiku. I was at the language center and also taught the head of the nursing dept privately as my wife is also a nurse.
>> I wonder….EZPZ is pretty big, but i guess that doesn’t necessarily
>> mean anything….Also, this is an installation from the Softaculous
>> package, so I doubt they even support it.
> How do you install something unsupported if you don't have a shell
> account?  I'm curious because maybe you do have a shell account but
> don't know it. :-)

In Cpanel they have something called Softaculous. Previously they used something called Fantastico. I guess they are a collection of auto installers. So you can find Joomla, Mailman, etc. all located there.


> Steve

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