[Mailman-Users] Why do my posts to own mailman list disappear.

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Mon Aug 24 06:34:18 CEST 2015

Paul Arenson/tokyoprogressive writes:

 > Right. I received it.

 > I responded once from the same account.  And once from the
 > Tokyoprogressive account.

To "steve at turnbull.sk.tsukuba.ac.jp"?

I don't see either one yet, but that could be my network.  The
university just upgraded the network and past experience suggests
things are likely to be unreliable here until New Year's.

 > I believe ONLY the one I sent from Tokyoprogressive went through,
 > pointing to a SENDING problem from nangoku-jiyu-jin and maybe also
 > turnlefthosting.org.  Tokyoprogressive would be unaffected because
 > it is a totally different provider.

If you got (temporary) bounces sending to "stephen at xemacs.org", that
is probably due to "greylisting" (an antispam measure) at xemacs.org.

 > No, and everything I do though in mailman is in the mailman
 > program.  Almost never touch cpanel.

OK, that's helpful to know in general, although it doesn't change any
immediate diagnosis.

 > On my Mac in my mail client. There is a web interface in cpanel,
 > but I have rarely used it.

Is your mail client configured to use those hosts (that would be very
unusual), or just your local ISP connection?

 > In Cpanel they have something called Softaculous. Previously they
 > used something called Fantastico. I guess they are a collection of
 > auto installers. So you can find Joomla, Mailman, etc. all located
 > there.

I see.  Love people who care more about names than functionality, but
I guess that's the marketing department.  I'll see if your mail comes
through in the next few hours.


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