[Mailman-Users] need assistance upgrading Mailman

Nina Nicholson nnicholson at dioceseofnewark.org
Mon Aug 24 21:44:02 CEST 2015

Andrew - I am using Plesk, and Mailman does interface with it. I didn't realize this is a customized installation -- good to know. That would certainly change things. Thanks for the suggestion of CPanel, I've worked with it elsewhere and can look into it.

Nina Nicholson
Director of Communications & Technology
The Episcopal Diocese of Newark

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Nina Nicholson wrote:

>I have a dedicated virtual server with a shell login account and am allowed to update it. Unfortunately, my Unix skills are minimal and not up to attempting this on my own. I have managed other installations on my server when >being walked through it, remotely, by an experienced person.

Looking at your host (lists.dionewark.org) seems to suggest you are using Plesk as the control panel, are you using Mailman as part of that?  If so, you will need to discuss this with Plesk, as the Mailman installation is customised as part of the control panel and is not from the stock Mailman distribution.  The CPanel control panel system which is one of Plesk's competitors ships with the latest version of Mailman, so that could be an option if you want to stick to using the control panel, but migration between the control panels may be slightly complex.

Look here:

Is that host doing anything else or is it hosting lists only?


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