[Mailman-Users] Does Mailman alter messages attached to moderation notification emails?

Peter Shute pshute at nuw.org.au
Fri Aug 28 03:22:19 CEST 2015

I am again trying to answer a query from a list member about spelling errors in his postings that show up in his list messages, but not in his copy of the sent message.

Initially we thought this was because he was composing in html, and that his mail client wasn't including an accurate representation of the message in the plain text section. Our list sends out only the plain text section.

In at least one case we proved that the spelling error (a missing period in a URL) was only in the plain text section, so I advised him to compose in plain text.

Now it's happened again, this time in a plain text only message. The period is there in his copy of the sent message, missing in what went to the list. I can also see that it's missing in the copy of the message attached to the moderation notification.

Does the list send out moderation notifications with the attached messages unaltered? Is there any mechanism in mailman that could have removed the period?

It also removed one from a URL sent to the list owner address, but again that message has passed through Mailman. I'm not able to easily get a sample of a message from him that hasn't been through Mailman, so I can't eliminate it as a suspect.

Looking at the raw messages, something that's common about them is that the missing period would fall exactly on the start of a line when it's wrapped, i.e after the = symbol which I assume is a soft eol, and in one of them the period is there in the plain text section, but missing in the html section.

Peter Shute

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