[Mailman-Users] Assistance with altering reply-to behaviours and DMARC

Andrew Hodgson andrew at hodgsonfamily.org
Fri Aug 28 09:40:40 CEST 2015

Mark wrote:

>Step 1:  email is sent to the list - the mail to DMARC protected domain is received ok by Yahoo web client.  Reply-to is set to the list.
>Message source of first email is:
>  From: Mark <mark at incet.com>
>  Reply-To: Test <test at testdomain.org>
>Step 2: Reply from Yahoo client sends an email to the list and this has the following source when viewed on Thunderbird MUA
>  From: Mark H via Test <test at testdomain.org>
>  Reply-To: Mark H <markhnzy at yahoo.com>, Test <test at testdomain.org>

That is interesting, and I wonder if this is something to do with the way that Redhat have implemented the new feature.

On my stock Mailman installation, the headers would look like this:

|From: Mark H via Test <test at testdomain.org>
|Reply-To: Test <test at testdomain.org>
|CC: Mark H <markhnzy at yahoo.com>

This is a much better imho way of dealing with the issue and keeps the messages flowing through the list.  I know if I had the same headers on my list that you are getting, that users would be falling into the same trap, and was something I tested hard before implementing it on my lists.

Is there any way you could just upgrade your installation to the latest 2.1.20?  There are some compiling guides out there for Redhat/Centos systems that were designed to get people through this before Redhat backported the feature.


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