[Mailman-Users] View a user's subscription options

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Dec 3 16:57:31 EST 2015

On 12/03/2015 01:09 PM, Adrian Pepper wrote:
>  I wrote something (really ugly[*], incrementally developed over a period
>  of weeks) that produced, based on the main "membership" page(s) that
>  produced via web access, e.g.
>      apepper at pytone.org smHxanudP "Adrian Pepper"
>      apepper at pyttwo.org smHxAnuDP "Adrian Pepper again"
>      empty at pytone.org smHxanudP "Empty Recipient List"
>      mshapiro at pytone.org smHxanudP "Mark Shapiro"
>      onafees at pytthree.org smHXanudP "Oscar Nafees"
>  those letter options correspond to reading across on
>  https://SERVER/mailman/admin/LISTNAME/members
>  sort of like "ls gone a little crazy".
>    s/S - subscribe/unsubscribe (not actually implemented, for "safety")
>             (though I did once in a test version when it would be useful)
>    m/M - moderation off/ON
>    h/H - hidden off/ON
>    x/X - nomail off/ON (reason lost)
>    a/A - ack off/ON
>    n/N - not metoo off/ON
>    u/U - nodUpes off/ON (ahem!)
>    d/D - digest off/ON
>    p/P - plaintext off/ON (applies to digest only)
>  Needs a cookie file for access.  Vulnerable to formatting changes in
>  the web page output, of course.

You might be interested in looking at
<https://www.msapiro.net/scripts/mailman-subscribers.py> which is
another web admin membership screenscraper which when run with the --csv
option produces output like

> "Full name","email address","mod","hide","nomail","ack","not metoo","nodupes","digest","plain"
> "Mark Sapiro","mark at msapiro.net","off","off","off","off","off","on","off","off"
> "Mark","another at address","off","off","[A]","off","off","on","off","off"
> "Mark","yet at another","off","off","[A]","off","on","on","off","off"

It uses Python's cookielib to deal with cookies and only requires the
hostname, listname and admin password for input.

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