[Mailman-Users] Many users unsubscribed at once (not by me)

Hal my_list_address at yahoo.no
Sun Dec 13 07:42:47 EST 2015

On 13/12/2015 13:05, Jayson Smith wrote:
> Hi,
> Unfortunately, disabling automatic removal from the list will only fix
> one effect of the problem, not the problem itself. There's something
> going on which is causing mail to those addresses to bounce. If you are
> receiving messages with the subject of "Bounce action notification"
> these will tell you who is bouncing mail, and the attached mail delivery
> failure reports will tell you why they are bouncing mail, which is
> important. I suspect you have a DMARC or IP reputation issue.

I'm not sure I fully understand this and what to do about it.

Are you saying that even though I turn "automatic removal" off I will 
still have postings from certain list members NOT reaching the list (but 
bouncing with an error message back to me, the list owner -possibly also 
with an error alert to the poster as well)?

Are there other restrictions in the Mailman software which stops 
postings based on other criteria? If yes, can this/these features be 
turned off so in the end I only rely on "only allow posting from 
existing members"? I assume having the latter enabled will at least 
prevent automated spam messages from reaching the list.

Alternatively I'm guessing the solution is to set the list to moderation 
and approve every single message manually. I do have a relatively 
low-volume list, so this is doable (but not something I would enjoy 
enabling) -how is this done actually? By logging into the administration 
interface and clicking on something for every message, or can it be done 
simpler/quicker by simply pressing reply to a certain admin message or 


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