[Mailman-Users] Many users unsubscribed at once (not by me)

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Dec 13 14:12:43 EST 2015

On 12/13/2015 08:11 AM, Hal wrote:
> I assumed I would get an error message (email) for every time a posting
> didn't reach the list but the latest "bounce action notification" I have
> is from 5 months back, so apparently not. Maybe I've messed with some
> settings in the Mailman web control panel as I kept getting so many of
> them and didn't know what to do about it all.

You don't get a notice for every bounce. With all the notices enabled as
you posted earlier, you get every message sent to the list-bounces
address which Mailman can't parse as a bounce. Normally, this is only
spam. You also get only one "bounce action notification" containing a
copy of the disabling bounce when Mailman disables delivery to a member
for bouncing, and you get the "unsubscribed" notice when the member is

In this case, you should have received the "bounce action notification"
messages for each of the unsubscribed members three weeks prior to their
being unsubscribed. If you didn't receive these, there is some problem
with their delivery. Maybe they went to a spam folder, maybe your ISP
rejected or discarded them. The outgoing mail logs on the Mailman server
will have more info if you can convince someone to look at them and they
know what to look for and they haven't been rotated out of existence by now.

>> The usual reasons for disliking you are:
>> 1. We hate your IP, you have bad reputation with us, maybe you have been
>>     reported as a spammer someplace, or maybe you just send us a lot of
>>     mail and we don't like that.
> Again, this is the IP address of certain LIST-MEMBERS, right, and not my
> list-server?

No. Laura is talking about the IP address of the Mailman server.

> Does this also mean that the same receiving mail-servers will refuse
> email sent from the same LIST-MEMBER, but sent directly (i.e. outside of
> my mailing list)?


> I'll contact my server-owner/admin to upgrade the Mailman software.
> I see from the Mailman site (http://www.list.org/) that version 2.1.20
> is the latest version, and there's version 3.01 as well ("Show don't
> tell", whatever that means).
> Is 2.18 the latest stable version?

No, 2.1.20 is the latest 'stable' version of the 2.1 series. Mailman 3
is a major change and is currently recommended only for new lists as
there is as yet no defined migration path for MM 2.1 lists.

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