[Mailman-Users] Encoding problem with 2.15 to 2.18 upgrade with Finnish

Eva Isaksson eisaksso at gmail.com
Sun Dec 13 12:18:38 EST 2015


I have a charset encoding problem that I'm unable to solve. I've been
reading FAQs and list archives with little success.

Our lists are in Finnish. The setup: our mailman installation uses its own
translation file that is different from the Finnish translation that comes
with the release. Because of that, mailman is on hold, and gets upgraded
manually so that we can msfmt our own mailman.po.

We have been running 2.15, on Debian, but because of the DMARC situation
it's time to upgrade to 2.18..

Our upgrades have been rather routine so far, but this time we ran into
problems. Suddenly, the character encoding was producing quite unreadable

Believing that the translation file was now supposed to be in utf-8 instead
of iso-8859-1 I  tried to re-encode all relevant files and change the
mm_cfg.py values accordingly. This did not help at all.

I've tried to check whether there have been any changes to mailman that
could explain this, but no luck.

- Eva Isaksson

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