[Mailman-Users] How to configure mailman to only deliver mail a few times a day?

Laura Creighton lac at openend.se
Wed Feb 4 14:52:27 CET 2015

My google-foo is not working today.  

I am the member of a very ancient mailing list that would like to
modernise.  To that end, somebody made a list of requirements that
they would need to have to just have the functionality they have
now ... the thing went on for pages and pages but since I am quite
familiar with mailman, I was able to say  yep .... yep .... yep ...
let me check, ok, yep ... and so on down their long list.

Until I hit this requirement.  Currently what we receive is one digest
every day.  It can be a very long digest.  While some people want to
continue receiving digests, and some people don't, everybody is in
favour of having the mail only go out in batches at set intervals 
during the day.  So maybe once a day is too infrequent, and 3 times
a day would be nicer, but what is not wanted is 'deliver this as
soon as it arrives'.

I'm not finding the correct place for figuring out how frequently
mailman decides to send mail.  Where should I be looking?

Thanks very much,
Laura Creighton

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