[Mailman-Users] Mailman Bug

James Sceets jsceets at beau.org
Wed Feb 4 18:10:52 CET 2015

Ok we are running version 2.1.5 on an old White Box server and are
encountering this bug which is preventing us from accessing the
membership management pages for some (but not all) of our mailing

"if bucket not in digits + '_' + lowercase:
 TypeError: 'in <string>' requires character as left operand"

I added the '_' to the first line thinking maybe someone used an
underscore as the first character in the address and mailman didn't like
that but no joy. I asked the Google overlords for an answer with no help
(maybe my google-fu needs honing) so I apologize if this is an issue
that's been fixed 100 times over. 

Any help on what to twiddle would be helpful. It can't be as simple as
something like adding '' to the if statement right? My Python skills are
quite rudimentary (read: neanderthal). 
James Sceets
BPL Helpdesk

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