[Mailman-Users] Wrong encoding

Danil Smirnov danil at smirnov.la
Fri Feb 6 22:23:24 CET 2015

Hello EyeLand!

You can add 'AddDefaultCharset koi8-r' directive to your
list.ournet.biz virtual host configuration and restart Apache
This force server to return main listinfo page in koi8-r encoding, as
well as all list-specific listinfo pages.
This should help because server encoding has higher priority than
<META> tag with 'charset=us-ascii' in page html code,
which I think is hard-coded in Mailman core files and could not be
easily changed/removed.

(Mark, please correct me if I wrong.)


2015-02-06 20:59 GMT+02:00 EyeLand <ournet.biz at gmail.com>:
> Hello, I setup on VPS many mailman lists and on info page of all the public
> mailing lists on ”Description” I see wrong russian encoding like ”ðÒÅÓÓ
> ÃÅÎÔÒ”, there you can see error http://list.ournet.biz/cgi-bin/mailman/
> listinfo, can you consult? Thank you.
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