[Mailman-Users] Link to archive from admin interface

Manuel Goepfert manuel at escapade.ch
Tue Feb 10 17:49:27 CET 2015

Thanks Mark for the quick answer.

I forgot about that archive setting that changes the link.
Moving to private solved my problem as it indeed changed the link to the archives as expeced.

The webserver is setup properly if I want public archives. I suspect a symlink issue not allowed properly.
Will dig into that a bit further.

Anyway thanks again for the quick fix.



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On 02/10/2015 07:07 AM, Manuel Goepfert wrote:
> All works well except when loged in the admin interface and I want to go to the archives.
> The link is not correct and point to /pipermail/mylist instead of /cgi-bin/mailman/private/mylist/

If you want your archives to be private, set Archiving Options ->
archive_private to 'private' in the list's admin interface and then you
should get the private archive link.

If you want public archives with the pipermail link and the link doesn't
work, see <http://www.list.org/mailman-install/node10.html> and

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