[Mailman-Users] sending a message to someone not subscribed to a list?

Richard Damon postmaster at damon-family.org
Sat Feb 14 15:06:45 CET 2015

On 2/14/15 5:51 AM, adam morris wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm new to mailman.
> I run 4 fairly small lists.
> I found somewhere but can't remember where the ability to send a 
> message to people if they send a message to a list and they are not 
> subscribed.
> I could put a message somewhere that they will see to remind them, 
> then I as administrator won't get the bounce message.
> I can't remember where this is, I did it for some of my lists but not 
> all.
> If someone could help that would be appreciated.
> Sorry for being so long winded!
I will point out one danger. As a test, set the Privacy Options / Sender 
FIlters / Generic Nonmember Action to Hold, and see how much spam is 
coming into the list. Almost every spam message that you send a message 
back to will create back scatter, as the return address is surely faked. 
Back scatter enough and you may start to find delivery problems with 
your real messages.

If you have succeeded in keeping your list email address away from the 
spammers, than you can return reject messages, if not you probably don't 
want to do it.

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