[Mailman-Users] FW: Your confirmation is required to leave the Mailman-Users mailing list

Peter Shute pshute at nuw.org.au
Mon Feb 16 21:48:44 CET 2015

This is the second time I've received one of these. I'm told the only way one of these could be generated is if there's a URL published out there that does this when a bot crawls it, or if someone deliberately tried to unsubscribe me.

Given that I've only had two in five months, I assume it must be the latter.

It doesn't matter, but I'm curious about what would motivate someone to do that. Did anyone else get one recently? I've never had one for any other lists I'm on.

Peter Shute

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Sent: Monday, 16 February 2015 6:19 PM
To: Peter Shute
Subject: Your confirmation is required to leave the Mailman-Users mailing list

Mailing list removal confirmation notice for mailing list Mailman-Users

We have received a request from for the removal of your email address, "pshute at nuw.org.au" from the mailman-users at python.org mailing list.  To confirm that you want to be removed from this mailing list


If you do not wish to be removed from this list, please simply disregard this message.  If you think you are being maliciously removed from the list, or have any other questions, send them to mailman-users-owner at python.org.

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