[Mailman-Users] How to include multiple lists?

Jan Steinman Jan at EcoReality.org
Wed Feb 18 03:56:05 CET 2015

Running 2.1.14 under (please don't shoot me!) Mac OS X 10.6.8.

Is there some way to post to multiple lists? Can I specify one list in the configuration of another, so that it is okay to post to it in addition?

Scenario: I run a number of peripherally-related lists, including a few with a moderate number of subscribers (a few hundred) and a few with a small number (under ten) subscribers who have an overriding interest in what happens in some of the other lists.

If I put both lists in an email, I get the infamous "Group_A post from your at email.com requires approval" rejection, and I have to go to the group list to "approve or deny the request."

How can I make it that "Group_A" can be included as a recipient to "Group_B" email without getting a bounce message?

I Read The Fine Manual and experimented with some of The Usual Suspects, but can't seem to puzzle this out.

Thanks in advance for any advice offered!

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