[Mailman-Users] Automatic addition/removal of aliases no longer works

Anne Anderson aba at westmont.edu
Mon Jan 5 18:03:23 CET 2015

Hello -

We upgraded to *2.1.14* not too long ago and made the discovery that when a
new list is created, the *lines that used to get written automatically into
the aliases file are no longer automatically written,* instead they are
displayed on the screen with the instructions to cut and paste them in.
(This change may have occurred long ago as far as we know; our previous
version was *2.1.9*)

This would not be much of a bother if we only had to make a new list
occasionally, but we make lists for all our courses at the beginning of
each semester, and to do this *we have a perl script that automatically
generates over 500 lists in batch mode*.

The same problem occurs when we remove the previous semester's lists...
 their entries are not automatically removed from the aliases file, and
removing them by hand is not a trivial task.   We could just leave them in,
but *whenever a new course is the same as one that's already in the aliases
file, it will error out and crash the script that builds the new lists. *

*Is there any fix for this?*  I would like to create the course lists for
spring semester, but I am feeling daunted by the task of doing all the
aliases part of it by hand.


Anne Anderson
Web Application Developer / Database Manager
Information Technology
Westmont College

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